How antiviruses really help our devices?

Norton antivirus is a program software that keeps the computer of the user safe from the malware attacks. It is an antivirus also an anti malware software program that has been developed and distributed as a computer security product from Norton family by Symantec  Corporation . It uses the programmed signatures and patterns to identify viruses if any, some other features include e-mail spam filter and phishing protections. It is a downloadable product, a box copy and an OEM software. Norton Anti Virus and Norton Internet Security, a related product runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. It was May 1989, when Symantec launched an Antivirus for Macintosh (SAM), and by the August 1990 Symantec acquired a process (Peter Norton Computing) from Peter Norton. His company had developed various kinds of DOS utilities which include Norton utilities as well, and these utilities did not include any kind of antivirus features. Continuing the development of the acquired technologies from Norton, These technologies and products were marketed under the name of “Norton” having the tagline as “from Symantec”. In the year 1991, computers in USA were invaded by various types of foreign virus attacks and this infection became a serious problem. That time Symantec launched the first product from their Norton Group which came to be known as Norton Anti Virus for the PC’s and all of its compatible computers.

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By the year of 2004, introduction of product activation was introduced in Norton Antivirus, and more than 3.5 million Norton products were sold as per the estimation. This antivirus came up with the alphanumeric code to identify the configuration of the computers and was responsible to tie in with its product key. There was a feature that a user can use the same product key to activate their product five times. In the year 2005 a new version was launched in which the Spyware and the adware detection and their removal were added as a feature. Since then Symantec keep on upgrading their Norton product, some of the versions include Version 2006 (13.0), Version 2007 (14.0), Version 2008 (15.0), Vision 2009 (16.0), Vision 2010 (17.0), Version 2011 (18.0), Version 2012 (19.0), Version 2013 (20.0), Version 2014 (21.0), Version 2016 (22.0). In these versions, Norton had been upgrading its User Interface (UI), as well as its signatures and patterns to identify or we can say detect the infected files, malicious links and online attacks. Some of the features in the latest Version of Norton and Norton Internet Security are as under: • Real time Scan • Quick Scan • Full computer Scan • Safe Browsing • Identity Safe • Life Lock • Cloud Based Controls • Network Defense layer • Threat-removal • Scam Insight

Procedure to cancel Norton antivirus automatic renewal

By default Norton comes up with the turned on auto renewal feature, in order to safeguard your computer from all kind of malicious activities, virus attacks and threats. By this feature, your subscription to Norton Antivirus and services will be renewed automatically when the date of expiration comes closer.

However, keeping this feature turned off becomes the priority to many users, as just to control the renewal process in their own hands.

Though a user can even conveniently cancel Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal feature by the means of

To customize your Norton Subscription check out this article and in case of any issues or problems feel free to get in touch with Norton Support.

Check out the process to Cancel Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal and to send a refund request

Follow the mentioned steps below to cancel Norton Antivirus Renewal feature

  • It is must that you have your Norton Account Credentials, to login into your account.
  • Make it sure that your internet is working fine and then launch any of the web browser on your computer.
  • Go to from your browser.
  • The Norton web page will appear on your screen, on the top right corner of that web page there will be an option of sign in.
  • Click on sign in and you will be redirected to the Sign in page of Norton.
  • In here, you have to enter your Norton Credentials such as username and password in the given blocks provided on the web page, making it sure that you are signing in the same Norton Account that you had used for purchasing the
  • There after you have to click on the sign in button, to sign in to your account.
  • Go to the subscription tab in your account.
  • Click on Subscription in the list and you will find the button to turn off your Auto Renewal.
  • Then save these settings.

You can now sign out of your Norton Account, with all of your setting saved.

System Requirements of Norton Antivirus:

How to Update the Norton Antivirus

How to Update the Norton Antivirus:

If a user is having the active subscription to the Norton Antivirus then for sure it is possible to update Norton to the latest version. As long as you have an active subscription to the Norton product, you can update your current Antivirus to its latest version remotely. For windows, you can go to the Update Center of Norton to download and install its latest version for your computer but if you are a MAC user, you can only update your product from your Norton account. As of for now there are no updates for Norton Antivirus. How to update Norton Antivirus from your Norton account: • You have to Sign in to your Norton Account. In case you have forgotten the password of your Norton account, you can reset it. • Once you sign in to your Norton account, go to Device Security page, then select the device, under device next to the Norton product there will be an option of Update , click Update and it will update your Norton Product. If you have already installed the product to the latest version, then the update option will not be visible. How to Update Norton Antivirus from Norton Update Center: Following Steps are for the Windows users if they want to update their Norton Product from Norton Update Center • Go for Norton Update Center • Then you have to click on Update Me Now. • If in case the download does not start automatically, you can download the updates manually. • Click On the Downloaded File, System Security warning will come up on your screen, click on Run option there. • And finally you have to follow all of the instructions which will be on your screen. It is a good practice for users to keep their Norton Antivirus Updated, as to get the updated features such as: • Upgraded Security Patches. • Upgraded patterns. • Upgraded Firewall. • Upgraded Identity Protection. • Exploit Prevention. • Bug Fixes.